A Lost Opportunity 失去的机会


My 75 year old neighbor just passed away yesterday afternoon. He was active and alive one day and the next morning, his wife found him unconscious on the floor. He never regained consciousness. As I was sitting in the emergency room of the hospital with his wife, I am reminded of Pastor Chu Vee Ping’s message on Sunday about making the most of the opportunity during Christmas time to introduce our friends, relatives and neighbors to Jesus. For my neighbor, it is already too late.

Over the past few years, some members have criticized us for having our Christmas celebration outside the church. Some have even accused us of placing more importance on having fun than worshiping God. Nothing can be further from the truth. If they think that the organizing committee and volunteers are doing this for fun, they are sadly mistaken. They have no idea how much the organizers, volunteers and church workers have to sacrifice for these events. It is not fun for them but they do it because Christmas is a good opportunity to introduce non-Christians to Christ.

Due to the commercialization of Christmas, December 25th has become a day of celebration for people of all races and religions. I do not condone the commercialization of Christmas but, this has created an opportunity for us to educate non-Christians about the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is easier to invite them to attend a Christmas celebration then to get them to attend an evangelical meeting. It is because we do not want to waste this opportunity that many members of our church have sacrificed their time, energy and talent to organize and take part in our Christmas celebration.

What better way is there to celebrate Christmas than to follow the examples of the angels who brought “good news of a great joy” to the people who do not yet know of this good news? Jesus came to this world on Christmas day to save the people of the world. What better way is there to celebrate the birth of our Saviour than to introduce our friends to Him, so that He can be their Saviour too? If we want to honor our Lord and Saviour who was born on Christmas day, is there a better way than to follow the commandments that he gave us to “make disciples of all nations”?

We are holding our celebration in Royale Bintang Hotel this year for several reasons. We believe that the hall is big enough to accommodate the people we are hoping to bring and still provide for an environment where we can properly present our message to them. This will not be possible in our present church building. Our church will not be able to accommodate that many people. Would you invite your friends to sit or stand outside the church under the hot sun? Even if they do come, do you think that they will be able to listen to the message when the whole place is so noisy and they are uncomfortable, hot and sweating? We also hope that it will be easier for us to invite non-Christians to attend a celebration in a hotel than to ask them to come to church.

Our church is celebrating Christmas in Royale Bintang Hotel because we do not want to waste this once in a year opportunity to expand the kingdom of God. This opportunity is lost for my neighbor but there are still many others who we can reach out to during this Christmas time. Please do not miss this opportunity to introduce the host of Christmas, Jesus Christ, to your friends, relatives and neighbors.





今年,我们在芙蓉Royale Bintang酒店举办圣诞庆典是有充足的理由的。我们知道酒店的礼堂足以容纳所有愿意介绍及接受福音的众多亲友,同时礼堂里的设备也容许我们将福音信息更好地呈现给他们。这是在我们教堂里所做不到的。我们教堂的空间太小,不能容纳这么多的人。请问您会邀请您的朋友站在教堂门外,烈日之下庆祝圣诞节吗?即使他们来了,在吵杂、炽热、汗如雨滴的情况之中,你想他们能否专心听福音信息?此外,我们期望亲友们听到我们提出在酒店庆祝圣诞的邀请时,他们会雀跃地接受我们的邀请。

我们的教会选择了在Royale Bintang酒店举行一年一度的圣诞庆典,因为我们不想失去一个扩展上帝国度的机会。我的邻居失去了他的机会,可是我们的周围还有其他的人,我们可以藉着圣诞节这个好机会向他们传扬福音。请把握机会向我们的至爱、亲友、邻居们介绍圣诞节的主角——我们的救主耶稣基督,切勿让这个机会轻易溜掉啊!