The word Bible literally means "book". It is the book. It is not a single book but a library of sixty-six books, written over a period of a thousand years. But the experiences that are recalled, analyzed, evaluated, and celebrated occurred over a period of two thousand years.

The Bible, inspired by God, is both human and divine. Not only are the experiences a mixture of human and divine, but so are the actual writings. Oral tradition was finally put into writing, then edited and reedited, copied, translated and recopied; the whole process is a tribute to the marvelous inspiration of God.

When we speak of Scripture as being inspired, we are recognizing that the Scriptures were written by particular persons under particular circumstances. When we read the Bible and God speaks to us, we hear the Bible as God’s Word.

Cherish it, Meditate on it, Protect it and Bring it with you everywhere you go.

Taken from “Disciples – Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study”



当我们说圣经节是被启发性的,我们就是认同了圣经节,是由某一个人在某一种的状况之下,受启示而写下的。当我们在细阅圣经的时候,也正是神在对我们说话的时候 – 神藉圣经向我们说话。